Want to oxygenate, concentrate, control, spend, calm down, escape? Golf is for you!

Sport of reflection, strategy and patience, golf will teach you fair play, integrity, sportsmanship and honesty but also self-control, management of emotions and respect.
Demonstrating determination, perseverance, combativeness and adaptability are other human values ​​put forward.
You will explore the variety of routes and landscapes, you will discover the friendliness of a party with friends, family or strangers on the other side of the world …


Our teachers offer an introduction for beginners to discover golf: material, basic movement… During 1 hour, you will be able to discover the golf and to introduce you to the rules of the game.

Price: 15 € / adult 25 € / couple 10 € / child

Merci de patienter nous recherchons les disponibilités

Pass Go for Golf

The PASS GO FOR GOLF  is a course program that allows you to begin the learning phase of the fundamental basics of golf with a view to moving on to more in-depth teaching leading to the green card.

  • Credit of 4 hours of group lesson over 1 month
  • 6 people maximum per lesson
  • Loan of equipment included during and outside of lessons
  • 4 buckets of practice balls offered
  • GO for GOLF certificate

Price: 59€/person

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Express Green Card Pass

As a reminder, the green card is the document that gives access to all courses, to people who have gone through all the levels of learning necessary for good golf practice.

The PASS CARTE VERTE EXPRESS package is a fun and express teaching program of all aspects of the game, rules and etiquette to prepare for the passage of the Green Card. Prerequisites: Obtaining the Green Card via this package requires the validation of UC1 and UC2 by having completed 4 hours of individual lessons or a PASS GO FOR GOLF.

  • Credit of 10 hours of group lesson
  • 8 people maximum per lesson
  • Loan of equipment included during and outside of lessons
  • Unlimited access to the 5-hole Compact course (beginner course) for the duration of the course, stay or package
  • Passage of the Green Card

2h30 lessons in the afternoon:
14:00 – 16:30

2h30 lessons in the morning: 10h00 – 12h30
2h30 teaching on the course in the afternoon: 14h00-16h30

2h30 lessons in the morning

Price: 199€/personn

* Possibility of Green Card Getaway with accommodation and catering on site.

1 Year Green Card Pass

The Green Card is a FFGOLF document that allows you to play safely, independently, without disturbing other players and at a good pace on most golf courses.

The 1 YEAR GREEN CARD PASS package is a fun and complete teaching program of all aspects of the game, the rules and etiquette of golf, also including the passage of the green card as well as unlimited access to the Compact beginner course 5 holes and on the 18-hole course for 1 year*.

  • Credit of 30 hours of group lessons valid for 1 year
  • 8 people maximum per lesson
  • Unlimited access to the 5-hole Compact course (beginner course) for 1 year from date to date.
  • *Unlimited access to the 18-hole course, subject to level and with the approval of a Club golf Pro
  • Passage of the Green Card

Price: 816 € or 75 € / month

To practice

Two golf clubs to choose from: 5 €
Half a series (bag including 6 clubs
different): 10 €

Golf driving range (training zone):
1 bucket (about 40 balls): 3 €
2 buckets: 5 €
Compact course 5 holes, from: 10 €

To buy

Half golf range : a bag + a Sandwedge + a blade 9 + a blade 7 + a putter + a driver + an hybrid : 289 €

Available for men and women, right-handed and left-handed
on demand.


The Golf de la Forêt d'Orient is a partner of the Le Club golf network (subsidiary of NGF Golf) With the Le Club loyalty program, it is up to 50% discount on green fees in 135 golf courses in France and in Europe.